Ethics: It’s indispensable

Pentingya etika dalam kerja dituturkan oleh Marri., et al:
“Beyond salary, work ethics is able to influence human beings to commit or not to commit a crime. In March 2011, the Indonesian public were shocked by the detention by the police of a Senior Relationship Manager of Citibank in Jakarta. The former manager was charged with conducting illegal transactions. Having a total compensation of more than 500 million rupiahs (RP.) per year (1 USD was approximately equal to Rp. 9,500 in 2012) was not able to prevent her from undertaking transactions on behalf of customers for her own personal needs. Less than two years later, in August 2012, the Indonesian public were surprised when a 35 year old office boy working at Bank Syariah Mandiri, Bekasi, Indonesia, returned Rp. 100 million he found on the floor of his office to the bank. The money represents a considerable sum for a father of three children who had been working for three years for a salary of Rp. 2.2 million per month. Nevertheless, his personal circumstances did not cause him to take the money for his own personal needs. These two contradictory cases illustrate the lesson that a high salary is not sufficient to prevent people being corrupt while a low salary does not necessarily lead to corruption”

Adib Rofiqi
Marri, K. Y. M., Sadozai, M. A., Zaman, F. M. H., Ramay, I. M., (2012), “The impact of Islamic work Ethics on job satisfaction and organizational Commitment: A study from Agriculture Sector of Pakistan”, International Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences, 2(12): 32-45

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